Hide Beetles

There are three species of Hide Beetle in the British Isles. All belong to the Family Trogidae and feed on decomposing animal matter such as the dry remains of carrion and bones and bird feathers. The adults and larvae are usually found in bird nests, especially owl boxes and dry tree holes. Much of the natural history of these species is poorly understood. They are attracted to light.

Trox perlatus
Trox sabulosus
Trox scaber

Trox perlatus (Goeze, 1777) is thought to be Regionally Extinct in the British Isles as it has not been seen since 1930. It is previously known for Tymeham and Worbarrow Bay in Dorset. Adults have been recorded from March to October. Length: 8-12 mm.

Trox sabulosus (Linnaeus, 1758 [Scarabaeus]) is restricted to exposed sites with sandy soils. Since 1990 it is only known from six sites, three of these are in West Norfolk and one each in Worcestershire, Surrey and West Sussex. Adults have been recorded from April to August. Length: 8-10 mm.

Trox scaber (Linnaeus, 1767 [Silpha]) is the most frequently recorded. It is locally common throughout southern England and Wales becoming scarce further north and in Ireland. Length: 5-8 mm.