British Scarabs

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What We Do


We provide a range of resources to help you find, identify, record and conserve scarabs. We also run training days and workshops in conjunction with other organisations.


We organise the Scarab Beetles Recording Scheme. Please submit your sightings to iRecord. This enables the mapping of distribution patterns which informs science and policy.


We provide advice on scarab conservation. Many scarabs are of ecological and economic importance. We carry out targeted surveys for rare species which helps inform policy.

Where We Cover

The Recording Scheme covers the British Isles. This includes Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Species distributions are often referred to in terms of Vice County. These are based on the historic counties of Great Britain, first introduced by Hewett Cottrell Watson in 1852. Robert Lloyd Praeger introduced a similar system in Ireland in 1901. The Vice County system is used to avoid unnecessary confusion when modern day boundaries change.
A list of Vice Counties is available from Wikipedia, along with a more detailed history. If you have a grid reference and would like to look up the Vice County, herbaria@home has a useful conversion tool.

Who We Are

Ceri Mann
An Entomology Masters graduate, Ceri has studied scarab beetles for 7 years. She has run a number of events providing outreach education across the country.

Darren J. Mann
Darren has studied scarab beetles since the age of 15. He was awarded the ZSL Silver Medal in 2015 for significant contributions to the public understanding of zoology and entomology.

Contacts Us

Contact us by email at britishscarabs(at) Alternatively follow us on Twitter or join our facebook group.