We have developed a range of useful resources to help you identify Scarabs. Please click on the document to download it.

Identifying scarabs

Guide to Counting Striae

Guide to Aphodiini (Dung Dwellers). This is a 4.3MB file for a lower resolution version click here.

Guide to Geotrupidae (Dor Beetles)

Guide to Onthophagus (Dung Tunnellers)

Resources for Chafers and Stag Beetles are coming soon!

Links to other useful websites and resources

Identifying scarabs

RES Handbook Dung Beetles and Chafers

Insects of the British Cow Dung Community – A Field Studies Council publication by Peter Skidmore

Maria Fremlin’s Stag Beetle website

Recording Scarabs

The iRecord User Guide

Grab A Grid Reference – Great for finding an Ordnance Survey grid reference for submitting records

Herbaria at Home – Vice County Look Up for United Kingdom
Herbaria at Home – Vice County Look Up for Ireland

UK Soil Observatory – Soil maps

Biodiversity Heritage Library – open access digital library for biodiversity literature

For Livestock keepers

Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep

Control of Worms Sustainably