Stag Beetles

Stag Beetles belong to the Family Lucanidae named by Latreille in 1804. There are four species on the most recent Checklist (Duff 2018). All feed on decaying wood as larvae. The Blue Stag Beetle Platycerus caraboides is almost certainly extinct in the British Isles as it has not been recorded since the 1800’s.

Sinodendron cylindricum (Linnaeus, 1758 [Scarabaeus])
Rhinoceros Beetle
Sinodendron cylindricum male
Sinodendron cylindricum female
Dorcus parallelipipidus (Linnaeus, 1758 [Scarabaeus])
Lesser Stag Beetle
Dorcus parallelipididus male
Dorcus parallelipididus female

Lucanus cervus (Linnaeus, 1758 [Scarabaeus])
Stag Beetle
Lucanus cervus major male
Lucanus cervus minor male
Lucanus cervus female
Platycerus caraboides (Linnaeus, 1758 [Scarabaeus])
Blue Stag Beetle
Platycerus caraboides